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Wellspring Clinic

How can it help me?

Naturopathy and Homeopathy can help the whole family:

  • First Aid – Burns, Insect Bites, Sprains
  • Surgical and Dental Support
  • Help for recovery from injury
  • Treatment for the adverse effects of drug therapy, including cortisone, radiation, chemotherapy
  • Chronic Illness – arthritis, eczema, asthma and lung conditions, digestive problems, liver dysfunction
  • Fertility, pregnancy and childbirth support
  • Overseas travel. Specially designed kits are available to treat conditions commonly experienced by travellers, e.g.Food poisoning, respiratory infections.

Naturopathy and Homeopathy

Naturopath, Herbalist, Homoeopath based in Caboolture. Get safe, effective help for your whole family, including furry family members.


If you dream of finding a health-care practitioner who can finally resolve the cause of your problem, and support you in your healing process, then Wendy Watson can likely help your quest for wellness to become a reality.

Wendy’s approach is holistic, connecting with what matters to her clients, and supporting their recovery from accidents, surgery, chemotherapy, influenza, acute and chronic illnesses. She brings compassion, medical knowledge and diverse clinical experience in homoeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine and naturopathy to her treatment of adults, babies, children, the elderly and those stressed by over work and emotional challenges.

Homoeopathic first aid kits available.


Help is at hand for pets struggling with injuries, poisoning, eczema, arthritis and other health conditions. Even some behavioural problems rooted in fear and anxiety can be relieved. Wendy uses a multi-faceted approach that may include dietary assessment and recommendations, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, flower essences and Reiki. And pets won’t object to their medicine. In fact, compliance is usually easy in most cases, even for fussy pets.

Stock, sport and working animals can also be treated. Home visits available depending on location. Please enquire.

Natural medicine – Wherever you are

Due to an overwhelming response, you can now receive expert homeopathic help for the whole family, via personal telephone consultation and postal dispatch of your individual prescription. What are you waiting for?

Telephone homeopathy is a useful solution that can be professionally delivered in your paddock, your kitchen, your office or any private place. You only need a telephone, and time enough for the scheduled session.

A brief introduction

Bachelor Science, Diploma of Education, Diploma of Massage, Diploma of Homoeopathy ( Nature Care College & Institute Homoeopathy), Certificate Neuro Linguisitic Programming Practitioner, Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, Reiki Master Usui Shiki Ryoho ( 10 years)

Homoeopath, Reiki master, Reiki practitioner
Professional membership: ATMS, RA
20 years clinical experience

Food as Medicine

There’s a lot you can do to improve your family’s nutrition, without making drastic changes that might be met with resistance.
For example, tumeric is a traditionally used medicinal herb with fantastic anti-inflammatory properties. But you don’t have to take it as a tablet or tincture to get benefit. In fact, it can be easily added to many dishes. This mild yellow root spice is available in every supermarket as a dried powder. You can also add the freshly grated root to many dishes.

Wendy has decades of experience in helping individuals and families adapt to healthier food choices that really make a difference.

Food Sensitivity

Sometimes actual food sensitivity or food allergy is the culprit. Common sensitivities are gluten ( found in many grains) and dairy. Symptoms of possible food sensitivity include
• tummy ache, bloating, wind
• “brain fog” , poor concentration, distractability
• fatigue, particularly after a meal (eg: frequently feeling fatigued in the early afternoon is commonly associated with gluten sensitivity to bread in sandwiches)
• hyperactivity and agitation, especially noticeable in children
• runny nose, sneezing etc, without having a cold
• redness and other skin symptoms

Wendy can assess your current diet, and identify any foods that are aggravating a person’s condition. She’ll help you adjust to a diet that avoids the trigger foods, without restricting you to a “rabbit food” regime. Children frequently aren’t even aware that much loved foods have been altered to accommodate their sensitivities. In fact, they enjoy the extra “treats”.

People are often astonished how quickly they feel well and vital, once the aggravating foods and additives are removed from their diet.

Talk to Wendy today about a food sensitivity assessment, if you recognise any of the above symptoms, in yourself or family members. Around 200 common foods and additives are usually assessed as a simple first step that gives you more control in maintaining health and wellbeing..